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Weekly Acoustic Podcast Episode 11 – “Alone” and “Love Song”

March 26th, 2010

This week’s podcast consists of 2 similar songs — “Alone,” from my Triad album (which is one of my favorite songs lyrically because it reads like a poem), and “Love Song,” a cover of the song by my friend Phil Taylor.

Direct link (Alone):
Direct link (Love Song):

Weekly Acoustic Podcast: Episode 5 – “Mr. Jones” and “Bedroom Of The Sun”

February 12th, 2010

This week’s songs are “[wiki]Mr. Jones[/wiki]” (originally by the [wiki]Counting Crows[/wiki]), and “Bedroom of the Sun” by Me (on my album Triad).

The reason there are two songs this week is I decided to start doing one cover and one original each week.  I chose to do “Mr. Jones” because I sing it with Town Crier (it’s the last song in our first set), and “Bedroom Of The Sun” is just one of my favorites (it was also requested).

As usual, this is just me on my acoustic guitar, recorded at home in my studio on my Sony ICD-SX700 voice recorder.

Direct link (Mr. Jones):
Direct link (Bedroom Of The Sun):

Periodical acoustic podcast: “Alone” by me and “Love Song” by Phil Taylor/Unborn

December 12th, 2009

My site has been down for about a week, so this is posting late, but here is this week’s podcast.

I chose to play “Alone” off my album “Triad,” and my friend Phil Taylor talked me into covering one of his songs.  I chose “Love Song” from his album “Tales of Love or the Lack Thereof” (recorded both by Phil and his former band Unborn).

I had a few moments of hitting the mic / other background noise on this.  I’m not sure why, but just in case you hear it and wonder.  😉

podcast.0015.Jeremy Tharp-Alone
podcast.0016.Phil Taylor-Love Song

As usual, it’s me on my acoustic — no editing, recorded on a Sony ICD-SX700 voice recorder.

Periodical acoustic podcast: Mr. Jones by Counting Crows and Bedroom Of The Sun by me on acoustic

October 23rd, 2009

I was unable to record last week’s podcast, so I did two this week: Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows, and Bedroom of the Sun — an original of mine.  We (Town Crier) are playing Mr. Jones in one of our sets, and Phil Taylor suggested that I recorded Bedroom of the Sun.  Turns out, I think it’s the first recording I’ve made of Bedroom of the Sun since I first wrote it — it was a great trip back to my history, and I think it turned out fabulously.

I am recovering from a cold this week, so the vocals are even less perfect than usual, but I think they still have a great vibe.

Files: podcast.0005.Counting Crows-Mr. Jones podcast.0006.Jeremy Tharp-Bedroom Of The Sun

As usual, this is just me on my acoustic, in my studio, recorded on my Sony ICD-SX700 digital voice recorder, no modifications other than trimming at the beginning and end. News Archive > December 11, 2005

December 11th, 2005

Where have all the cowboys gone? My forums lie dormant, alas their thrill was but temporary. Nah there is always solace in potential don’t you know? And of course, it has been more than a month since I have posted any news.

For all of you new visitors, take a listen to a few of the songs I have up. If you like bluegrass, you’ll probably like “The Holler Wind” on my project “Sneaky Whisper.” If you like rock, well “Unnatural” is the album for you. More into acoustic stuff? Try “Triad.” For just plain music lovers, well click a song and try it. There are lots of songs to whet your appetite. Once you listen, log into my forums and tell everyone what you think! Then just spend the rest of the day browsing all the random (and not so random) stuff that is here.

For everyone else, I have added lyrics to two more songs on “Two Sides Of The Same Soul.” Check ’em out! Only one more to go (maybe) … News Archive > August 24, 2005

August 24th, 2005

Well … what to say what to say. I am having difficulty getting motivated on rerecording It All Comes Out and Triad, just because I am not completely sure I am happy with the remastered “Hell” and I’m waiting for a well defined plan to hit me. Basically, it boils down to “I’m not sure where to start.” I feel like I might even need to rerecord Heaven and Hell and that is a cumbersome thought, and I worry that they might turn out better than even Unnatural.

In new album news though, great things are coming of “Jeremy Tharp.” Of the 11 songs I have done, if I can manage to record the vocals as well as I sang all of the songs today, and get snazzy arrangements to boot, that album will be nothing short of spectacular. Let us cross our fingers.

In Unborn news, we should be getting at least one cut done on Sunday (cross your fingers or toes or nipples) for your listening pah-leasure, pleasure yeah. So I bid thee all a fair adieu, and don’t hurt your nipples. News Archive > April 21, 2004

April 21st, 2004

Ok I am more than half way on Heaven and Hell now so all is well. I’ve decided to take a short hiatus from writing and recording because I am afraid I will rush things. As it stands right now, the album is becoming a magnificent thematic piece, and I don’t want to jeopardize that. In comparison, I’ve already written the same number of songs that I wrote for It All Comes Out, and I still have to write as many as are on Triad, so it’s kind of cumbersome. On a happier note, however, I am extremely optimistic on my vocals as through a combination of improved equipment and thought-out retakes mixed with an actual attempt to improve my voice, the vocal tracks actually are tolerable and in most cases sound good. At any rate, I hope to resume writing within a week or two time frame. Who knows, maybe stuff will still come although I’m not trying.

I’ve also tentatively “imagined” a release date of August 3. The reason for this is my previous releases have all been on Tuesdays, corresponding to typical album release practice. However, the first album was released on the first of the month, the second album on the second, and August 3 just so happens to be a Tuesday corresponding to the rate at which I am writing songs (to complete the album.) Let’s hope I am not put into shock during my upcoming move from Morgantown. News Archive > January 30, 2004

January 30th, 2004

Ok it appears as though my website is officially underway.

The most immediate update is that I am working on a two-cd project entitled “Heaven and Hell.” I have been working on this since about August (2003), and it may take quite a while to complete. Who knows ? I have been known to do binge writing. Nonetheless, you can keep up with this project here.

The other project that is underway is that I am recording bass tracks for my old releases. As you can see on my albums page, I have recorded two albums to date. Both were released on which has since been dissolved. However, the official releases were It All Comes Out October 1, 2002 and Triad April 2, 2003. You can check these out on the albums page.

Any other news would include my hoping to start playing a few open mics, maybe get in a band. We shall see I suppose.