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December 11th, 2005

Where have all the cowboys gone? My forums lie dormant, alas their thrill was but temporary. Nah there is always solace in potential don’t you know? And of course, it has been more than a month since I have posted any news.

For all of you new visitors, take a listen to a few of the songs I have up. If you like bluegrass, you’ll probably like “The Holler Wind” on my project “Sneaky Whisper.” If you like rock, well “Unnatural” is the album for you. More into acoustic stuff? Try “Triad.” For just plain music lovers, well click a song and try it. There are lots of songs to whet your appetite. Once you listen, log into my forums and tell everyone what you think! Then just spend the rest of the day browsing all the random (and not so random) stuff that is here.

For everyone else, I have added lyrics to two more songs on “Two Sides Of The Same Soul.” Check ’em out! Only one more to go (maybe) …

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