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No Town Crier practice recordings this week …

November 11th, 2009

Since we’ve now gotten reference recordings of all of our sets, we decided this week just to work on powering through sets.  We’re gearing up our fine tuning to get ready for our New Year’s gig, and we’re hoping to play a few gigs in early December as well (will post more details when it’s available).

We did, however, finally get a band photo, so I’ve posted that to the website (

Also, all reference recordings for all 4 sets are now available at

Enjoy! News Archive > January 3, 2006

January 3rd, 2006

Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe it has been two years since I put this site online. Hopefully, this year will bring great things to my musical career. (Of course 🙂 )

As you have probably noticed, I have made a minor facelift to the front page in order to facilitate use of my site for the increased number of new users I am receiving (Thanks in great part to the Million Dollar Homepage). Let me know what you think of the updates.

I feel very confident now in my projects, and I hope to hit the studio heavily to pump out my new stuff, as well as new versions of the old songs from my “demo albums.” I’ll keep you posted. You’ll notice the songs I update will appear as underlined on the Albums/Projects page.