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The Police “Message in a Bottle”

February 2nd, 2009

I have mentioned in various forums that this song was a big influence on me on my “Unnatural” album. That was mainly because the drums are amazingly well done–and for a long time I couldn’t even figure out how they were being played. Anyhow, there is a moment of metaphorical, poetical genius in this song that makes me wish I could one time reach such a profound level of connectivity with my words, without leaving the metaphor as when Sting says:

“Woke up this morning // Can’t believe what I saw // Hundred billion bottles // Washed up on the shore”

This line is perfect, simply put. It just amazes me how that particular line tells me so many things without telling me any of them.

(This was written a long time ago, but I thought I would port it to this blog) News Archive > June 28, 2005

June 28th, 2005

Well suddenly I am back underway in the production of my millions of albums. I think it all started with the recording of “The Abortion Prophecies.” The newest addition to my album list is “Philosophical Hiatus” which is intended to be a much lighter, more goofy album than my others. I get a lot of goofy ideas so maybe now I can export them.

I just recently began the recording phase of Unnatural, and I am really hoping to make it my best album so far musically, so it may take a while. Thinking it over, though, I think I have narrowed down my current musical influences for this album to the following four songs: “Rush – Subdivisions,” “Bad Company – Silver, Blue and Gold,” “Golden Earring – Twilight Zone,” and “The Police – Message In A Bottle.” If I can get these songs to that musical caliber, well then I will rock.

Also to update, I have done a few recording sessions with Unborn, and, as soon as I get my setup figured out (yeah I am always the one running behind), we will get some new tracks for them to pimp out. So, until next time.