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June 28th, 2005

Well suddenly I am back underway in the production of my millions of albums. I think it all started with the recording of “The Abortion Prophecies.” The newest addition to my album list is “Philosophical Hiatus” which is intended to be a much lighter, more goofy album than my others. I get a lot of goofy ideas so maybe now I can export them.

I just recently began the recording phase of Unnatural, and I am really hoping to make it my best album so far musically, so it may take a while. Thinking it over, though, I think I have narrowed down my current musical influences for this album to the following four songs: “Rush – Subdivisions,” “Bad Company – Silver, Blue and Gold,” “Golden Earring – Twilight Zone,” and “The Police – Message In A Bottle.” If I can get these songs to that musical caliber, well then I will rock.

Also to update, I have done a few recording sessions with Unborn, and, as soon as I get my setup figured out (yeah I am always the one running behind), we will get some new tracks for them to pimp out. So, until next time.

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