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February 24th, 2006

I guess it’s about time I passed along some news? Well there really isn’t all that much. I’ve been playing the Open Mics just about every week … I missed February 9. This week was really good … I felt like I sang and played very well and wish I had a recording. The audience was very attentive and quite large for what I have been encountering. I didn’t hang around long because Cecily and I were both tired and needed to get home and go to sleep. It was still after 1 before we got to …

As some of you know, I have started recording “Two Sides Of The Same Soul,” and, as of today, have completed track 1: “A Dream.” So far everyone who has heard it has really liked it, and it is honestly my highest quality recording to date. It sounds very good, and somehow still maintains the feel of the original demo. I am very pleased with it. I’m not sure when I will continue with the rest of the album, but I’ll let you know as I make progress. I’m guessing I’ll be ready to release it by late summer–I am putting a lot of attention to detail into these recordings. I want them to be as perfect as possible … after all I am eventually going to want radio airplay of them.

Anyway the lofi of “A Dream” is up so you should check it out. Until next time … News Archive > October 2, 2005

October 2nd, 2005

Well here I am again, bearing inconclusive news to my adoring masses. Unnatural is almost ready to go. All of the CDs are printed, the booklet is completely designed, the artwork is done, the music is rockin. However, I am having difficulty with printing the booklets. As it turns out, it takes a lot of precision to print, cut, and fold the booklets correctly (or acceptably) so I am waiting on the price of professional printing.

One quote I got was $600 for 100 booklets, which is way out of my price range. The second one I am still waiting for, but assuming it is as bad, I will just have to do what I can do with what I’ve got, meaning the paper will probably be somewhat subpar for the first booklets. This is not really my concern, however. I want the books to be folded very well and cut at least pretty close to perfectly, and this presents a challenge, as I have stated.

Anyway, I have a new lofi up of “Pieces” because I decided I needed to start doing some recordings of my new stuff, if for no other reason than to get a record of what the songs are supposed to sound like. I am being pulled in many different ways on my projects. Coupling that with the amount of other projects I have involved myself in lately, I just can’t seem to make any progress to myself. As for Self-Titled, I really don’t like the songs, and that pretty much drives me to ignore my other albums.

Long story short, not much has changed, but I am working on something. Oh, and pretty soon “The Abortion Prophecies” will return to this page. Lucky you …