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October 19th, 2005

For anyone new to my site, welcome and hopefully everything is self explanatory. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. For everyone else, I think the Unnatural albums are just about ready (at least a few should be on sale by Tuesday [I hope … agh]).

Anyway, I am playing for a songwriter’s show in Morgantown this weekend. It is Friday evening in the Vandalia lounge of the Mountainlair, and I play at 11:30. I am going to play The Bird, The Fish, and The Man, in that order, so if you are going to be around, come watch me play. I could use the moral support.

Also, as I promised, as soon as I get things squared away with Unnatural, I am going to start selling singles of Lucky Town, so hopefully those will be available by December. News Archive > October 6, 2005

October 6th, 2005

For such a very brief moment, everything seemed convincing to me that Poison Springs Records and the big-time artist that I am were on the right track. However, my train seems to have run out of steam. I can’t seem to get information on anything with my booklet printing, and I am kind of annoyed by that. I guess everything is still in order, it’s just in limbo, and that bothers me.

But speaking of limbo, I have this terrible obsession with my own death and not saying and doing all the things I wanted to say and do (mostly say) before I die. So, in an unprecedented occurrence, I recorded demos of all the complete songs I have written for Self-Titled. No one knows when it will actually be done, so I figured I might as well leave some remnant in case someone is interested in the unlikely event of my death. There are mistakes and whatever. It’s just to get the idea down. Anyway, the lofis are either up or on the way up. I will try to get my train humping again, but I am no engineer, it seems. News Archive > August 3, 2005

August 3rd, 2005

Albeit I am not able to update everything I would like to update, here goes:

Poison Springs Records is official, and thus is officially my label. Also, Lucky Town is making a triumphant return as I played it for a new audience who loved it, and that makes me happy. Now, I am planning on producing professional CDs as early as mid-August, and because Lucky Town has always been so popular, I am going to rerecord It All Comes Out and Triad, to give them that more professional appeal. I also rerecorded drums and remastered Hell, and I am poring over doing the same for Heaven, but I feel like drums detract from its sound. Hopefully I can decide something soon.

Anyway, I am hoping for Unnatural to go on sale by September 1, with the other albums to follow as they are ready.

As for my other albums, they are still under production and are turning out nicely, although it is hard to tell with no real finished product to speak of. Since I was gone for a week, it has thrown off my ability to write lyrics somewhat, but I will get back into the swing of things soon enough. I am so happy with music at the moment that I can’t even feel bad about it. And it’s all thanks to my loyal readers ! I think …

And finally, sadly, Unborn is undergoing some turbulent times, but I will post an update when the dust has settled. News Archive > July 11, 2005

July 15th, 2005

On the eve of the very exciting release date of my fifth album, I want to make a few comments on how I feel before my ecstasy gets tainted by commentary and criticism.

This album (Unnatural) feels to me to be my absolute best work. It is everything I ever imagined it to be, and I can’t believe I finally produced what I wanted in an album — completely. On all of my albums, it is plainly evident the type of music and the style of playing I was into at the time, but this album is more. For once, I can hear all of my influences directly culminating in each song.

I can tell where Rush has influenced me and where the Crash Test Dummies inspired me and where the hours of rock radio I have listened to have inspired me, where bassists and drummers and guitarists and songwriters have influenced me, where my friends and family have influenced me, as well as many other influences. I finally hear those influences directly and immediately instead of maybe not at all. I also hear the songs I mentioned in an earlier post. I have spent a lot of time recently deliberately remarking other peoples’ styles and methods of playing instruments and have incorporated them into my songs–not as deliberate plagiarism, but as a way of using tools to bringing out the best of my songs. It’s the same as the way a chef uses the right spices to make his salmon perfect, because on top of it all is my very strong nuance of musicianship. Finally, I think I have created an album with a deliberate sound and style.

Even further, for this I pulled out all the musical stops. I tried very hard to pump every bit of energy out of every instrument into every song that I could, and I think this is an album that rhythm guitarists, bassists, drummers, lyricists, and any musician can appreciate. The themes are in place, and the performances are striking, even though I am not a great vocalist. The lead guitar is where I finally let myself go in order to really show who I am as a guitarist, and for me it is breathtaking.

Lyrically, I have finally delivered the message I’ve been striving for while maintaining a contextual theme within the lyrics and the music–that theme being anthropomorphology and the human animal. It is very obvious to me, as well, the direct influences for me musically. Playing with people in person has inspired me to profound heights musically, and those influences are specifically evident.

So, with that, I am unleashing Unnatural on the world with the hope that everyone else can get even a little taste of the joy I derive from it. To this date, this is my definitive work, and I hope I can maintain this level of creativity for more albums to come. Everything about it is a culmination of who I am as an artist, and I hope you enjoy it. As of this moment, Unnatural is distributable. (Let’s assume I posted this at midnight.)