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August 3rd, 2005

Albeit I am not able to update everything I would like to update, here goes:

Poison Springs Records is official, and thus is officially my label. Also, Lucky Town is making a triumphant return as I played it for a new audience who loved it, and that makes me happy. Now, I am planning on producing professional CDs as early as mid-August, and because Lucky Town has always been so popular, I am going to rerecord It All Comes Out and Triad, to give them that more professional appeal. I also rerecorded drums and remastered Hell, and I am poring over doing the same for Heaven, but I feel like drums detract from its sound. Hopefully I can decide something soon.

Anyway, I am hoping for Unnatural to go on sale by September 1, with the other albums to follow as they are ready.

As for my other albums, they are still under production and are turning out nicely, although it is hard to tell with no real finished product to speak of. Since I was gone for a week, it has thrown off my ability to write lyrics somewhat, but I will get back into the swing of things soon enough. I am so happy with music at the moment that I can’t even feel bad about it. And it’s all thanks to my loyal readers ! I think …

And finally, sadly, Unborn is undergoing some turbulent times, but I will post an update when the dust has settled.

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