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January 13th, 2006

Alright … one more performance for the record books. Last night I played the Open Mic Night at Coalie Harry’s in downtown Winchester, and I just rocked the house … ok maybe not, but I had a lot of fun. I played Lucky Town, You, Born, I Know (Which Way), Lucky Town again (by request), One, and The Time Is Yours. As usual, and as I anticipated, Lucky Town got a huge reception. I don’t really think of it as my best song, but everyone else seems to think is, so why argue? 🙂 Anyway, I have (or will have soon) posted pictures from the performance.

Furthermore, for at least the next two Thursdays I am planning to play the Open Mic again. On January 27th I will be going to the Six Pence club in Parkersburg, WV to play for a songwriter’s show, where in attendance will be some representatives from the Nashville Songwriters Assocation International. We’ll have a little private demo, and then play live after 9:00. I am going to pitch Lucky Town, and if I am incredibly lucky, I might get it out to the public somehow. I’m crossing my fingers.

February 1, I will be playing the Open Mic Night at Shenandoah University, and it’d be great for everyone to come out and see me. This will likely be the biggest crowd I have ever played for, so I anticipate it with enthusiasm. It is my understanding that this Open Mic recurs the first Wednesday of every month, so I will probably play it again some too.

I guess soon I’ll have to add an “Events” link to the left hand column of my page … it sure is getting full. I’m also thinking of making a “Top Ten” section, where I list my favorite 10 current songs, all-time songs, etc. I think it will be interesting, though it is incredibly difficult for me to name pick favorites. It may also end up being “Top 50” or something like that.

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