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Listen now! “Unnatural” now has mp3s uploaded.

October 30th, 2009

They are not new mp3s, but they are now available to listen to on the newly updated

These are low-fidelity recordings … unfortunately, I am not able to do large size files which trigger high bandwidth yet, but these will work for the time being.

Hopefully, I’ll have all the mp3s I had on the old site uploaded within a week or so.

So follow the link, take a listen, and use the awesome new commenting feature to let others know what you think! News Archive > April 16, 2004

April 16th, 2004

Well what do you know ? Somehow my writer’s block has turned into seven new recordings in the last three weeks. Songs seem to come in spurts for whatever reason. Even the first five songs I did for this project I did in in about 2 weeks in January and February.

I mentioned the songwriter’s show on April 3. To update it went well. I played “I’m Coming Around,” “I Suppose,” “Disillusionment,” and “Bedroom Of The Sun” in that order with just my acoustic. I got relatively good comments, most of them saying though that I needed to write a few happy songs. Soon I should have the recordings from the show, and maybe one will even get on the air (Todd Burge who runs the show submits a compilation to the university radio station).

As far as finding a “permanent position” in the music industry, I am still searching, but I am focused more on finding a center of activity before I can do something like that. I guess I am just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Hopefully it will.

And finally I have uploaded low fidelity mp3s of my first two albums. I am limited on space so they will have to suffice for the time being. Down the road hopefully I will have more space to work with.