Surpryzes: Let It Ryde RELEASED

February 14th, 2011

The newest, most innovative, most awesome, most superlative, overtly hyperbolic album in the history of the universe and beyond has hit the internet.

You got it!  Pimp Daddy G Fly Shooky Shooky and DJ Funk Dizzle G Straddy Bang Bang (my alter ego) have finally followed up our debut EP “krackA krumZ” with a full, very insightful album: “Surpryzes: Let It Ryde.”

Check it out today.  If you can’t do it today, well that’s just crazy.  Do it.  Because you can.  And it rocks.

You can download a zip file the full album in mp3 format at this link:

Or just follow the album link and listen/download one mp3 at a time.

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