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November 2nd, 2005

Well as some of you knew was coming I have posted a new feature to my site: FORUMS! Now you can spend all your time sending me commentary and such. Just a few notes I want to send across. First of all, remember, I can delete anything you post, or the entire Forums section very quickly, so I would appreciate your inabuse of it. Beyond that, the forums work as such: There are broad categories of discussions which you the users create, and within them there are infinite discussions. The topics (the categories) will be listed alphabetically (though I may change this eventually). The discussions under each topic will always be listed in the order they will be created. Also, the passwording system is not necessarily hacker proof, it is really only in place to prevent search engines from bastardizing the conversations within, as well as to distinguish between talking members. In other words, I don’t care if you hack it, but what is the point anyway?

Also, chances are the forums are buggy. I tried my best to find all known issues, but I really haven’t even finished the code formatting and commenting so I will likely find a few more. That is to say, you will likely find some too. If you do, and you can explain to me exactly what is happening, please do so so I can reproduce it. If you can’t, keep your mouth shut about it. I will be posting updates and upgrades periodically until everything is satisfactory.

In other news, I am so pleased with “The Holler Wind” that I have decided to make “Sneaky Whisper” entirely a compilation of banjo instrumentals. That might actually keep me more focused on it … Anyway enjoy all the new stuff !

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