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June 14th, 2005

Ok fine I will admit a few of the projects I am working on. (No, none of them are even close to ready). I have an instrumental album under works, I have an album focusing on anthropomorphology that should shed some light on the human condition (but hell philosophers have been doing that for years and the human race continues to wander in the dark), and I have an album focusing more on emotional issues–something I do not generally express well. Contrary to that, however, some have really expressed excited sentiment to my “Endless Rain” track on Heaven.

Anyway, hopefully this will whet your appetite. I do hope to record soon, but honestly given where I am living currently and how things are set up I just don’t feel the necessary comfortableness I usually need when I record. Everything doesn’t feel intuitive, just very forced. But here I am, hoping. Wish me luck or something that means all will go well for me.

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